Mobile Stamp - the Pocket Stamp of STAMPEX. The smallest diving stamp fits into every diving logbook Embossing presses and blind stamps are for embossings on forms, logbooks, certificates, brevets, photos, business cards, or transparencies. STAMPEX self-inking stamps simply best-seller! Dive stamp with integrated stamp pad, the Trodat Printy. Trodat PRO, professional scuba dive stamp for every diving base, diving school, and company STAMPEX makes exclusive versions with motif insertion and sleeves engraving. The popular logbook stamp of the instructors

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  • W. O. 17.02.2024

    Fast order fulfillment, excellent e-mail contact, totally reccomend! ;)

  • C. S. E. 18.10.2023

    Au top

  • M. S. 13.02.2024

    Excellente réalisation. Travail propre et rapide. Félicitations à l'équipe Stampex. Alain.

  • J. F. 07.02.2024

    Agréablement surpris, des gens sérieux. Je recommande vivement cette enseigne.

  • L. v. d. H. -. V. 06.02.2024

    Stamps received, fast delivery, they are amazing! The team takes great care when designing your stamp and offers various options.

About Us - Stampex Scuba Dive Log Book Stamps

Mike & Yves

In 2023, stampex is celebrating its 30th year as the stamp expert for diver stamps. It all began with our diving training in 1993. After obtaining our diving certificate in Bielefeld, we couldn't stay out of the water. We had many beautiful dives in our logbooks, but we still needed fun diver stamps for them. However, the traditional stamp manufacturing methods were not suitable for our needs in terms of stamp quality and timeliness. We wanted small, yet very clean stamp imprints in our logbooks. So, we had to come up with something new.

STAMPEX team on the "boot" fair

Until the end of 1997, we used traditional methods to produce our dive stamps on a vulcanizing press. However, we faced issues with the stamp size and visibility of the stamp details. Many customers requested very small stamps that could fit into their logbooks while still producing clean prints. Fortunately, our wait came to an end when our new laser engraver arrived.

STAMPEX Laser Technology

In January 1998, a new era of stamp production began at STAMPEX, the stamp professional. As the first motif-stamp producer in Europe, we started making all stamp plates on a state-of-the-art laser engraver. Their quality was unparalleled and in a class of their own, clearly visible to all.

We take great pride in our stamps, which are among the best in the industry. Our numerous recommendations and well-known clients speak for us, and you can find a recent selection in our references.

You can meet us every year in the diving hall of the "boot" fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. At STAMPEX, we have long been focused on the future, constantly creating beautiful new stamp designs.

We wish you happy stamping and always "good air!"

Your STAMPEX team, the stamp professionals in Steinhagen in the Teutoburg Forest.

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